Sanutal & Hydra GS

Na de realisatie van de bedrijfsfilm voor Sanutal trokken we opnieuw naar Herentals voor de productie van een installatie video van de flexikit. De bijhorende teksten werden door Sanutal aangeleverd en wij zorgden voor de vertalingen, de voice-over stemmen en uiteraard de montage van het geheel, inclusief de animaties.

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Emerson Industrial Automation – Testimonial Egemin

Egemin engineer explaining why they have chosen for Emerson Industrial Automation as their preferred partner. Static interview in Dutch and subtitled in English with some on-location shots as well.

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Vincent Sheppard – corporate film

Wicker strollers and prams were one of Marshall’s development areas and although they were very popular in the beginning of the 20th century, they were also slow to produce and thus expensive. Furthermore, the rattan wicker would break now and again and wasn’t exactly a soft and comfortable material, especially for strollers. Marshall Burns Lloyd set out to create a weave which was not only stronger than rattan, but also looked better and had a much softer feel to it, to make the material very tactile. We had the pleasure of shooting and editing their production film that showed the whole manufacturing process, from loom to furniture. The film was partly shot on site in Indonesia and partly in Belgium.

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