15 Wing Air Transport open door days

You really need to see this when you’re in to airplanes and paratrooper drop. This is the largest mass drop that was executed in more than 30 years!

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Fisherman’s friend Strongman run – teaser

Fisherman’s friend Strongman run – teaser 2013

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Nacht van Exclusief

On March 21 2009, the glitterati gathered en masse at the Casino Knokke on the 12th “Nacht van Exclusief” (night of exclusive). The nights of exclusive apparently do not suffer from the crisis as a crowd, including a pack of private companies gathered en masse for the exuberant party on the Belgian coast. Highlight of the evening was Petra (Flemish singer), wrapped in a night gown of wild silk, adorned with ostrich and pheasant feathers and 130 thousand Swarovski crystals. The dress is worth 250,000 thousand euro and you do not just walk along the street in it. Designer of the dress is the dynamic young fashion designer Geert De Puysseleyr. He earlier dressed Ellen Petri, Véronique De Kock, Kathy Pauwels, Debbie Pfaff, Martine Jonckheere. And they were all present as usual at this exclusive party night. Certainly continue to look to last for some ‘uncut’ moments … and sorry for the low quality, it’s the only copy we were able to recuperate.

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